Friday, January 29, 2010

An Unexpected Gift From A Lovely Lady!

Hooray! I just received a thoughtful and unexpected gift in the mail today!

It's a purple glass Hope & Healing "Hide A Heart" from a lovely lady named Cathy who I met on Etsy.

The Hope & Healing Heart is meant to acknowledge the courage of those who are going through a rough patch in their lives such as I have with my recent cervical disc replacement surgery.

Cathy certainly knows from first hand experience what it is like to go through times of fear, pain and uncertainty as she is a head and neck cancer survivor.

The smooth glass purple heart comes in a cheery purple organza drawstring bag with a touch of dried lavender (smells great!) I keep mine in the pocket of my flannel sock monkey pajamas.

Check out other inspiring goodies in Cathy's shop here: HideaHeart


  1. My Dear Ilia,
    Thank you for this lovely posting. I am delighted you are keeping your 'Hope & Healing' Hide a Heart near-by for comfort and company! Cathy

  2. Hi Ilia! Just nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. See for details!
    Hope you are enjoying a nice day. It snowed in PDX this morning and yesterday it was 60! Yikes...I nearly bought some primroses! Poor things would have frozen last night! Whew!

  3. Ilia,
    How are you doing? I've not seen a post on your blog for some time. Hope all is well for you and your family and that you are enjoying a nice summer.
    I started a blog about my escapades of beginning a new biz and I have some of my music downloaded too. I invited you to take a peek HERE