Monday, February 1, 2010

Hip Hop Hooray- I Reopened Today!

Well, enough is enough now...

I know that I'm impatient, but it is really hard to sit around doing nothing.

So I decided to reopen my Etsy shop today and list two monkeys I have been keeping on reserve.

The little guy to your right is the first blue monkey I've ever made! He is made from Rockford Red Heel socks that are blue instead of brown.

How do you like his little fez and vest? In his pocket he has a brass token from the ski ball arcade in Seaside Heights, NJ. Do you think Snookie gave it to him?

The second monkey is mader from traditional brown Rockford Red Heel socks. He is sporting a jazzy red and white handcrocheted pom pom hat and scarf ensemble.

Both of them were so fun to make and are looking for a good home!


  1. congrats!!!! your sock monkeys are sooo cute!!!

    good luck to you;-)


  2. Yes its very cute and lovely.
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